From energy to health care, agriculture to manufacturing, we’ve got the infrastructure in place to ship what we make fast, and we’re home to some of the most innovative companies in the world.  Our region’s commitment to build and maintain the resources needed to support sustainability and prepare for opportunity shows our Real American Strength.

With nearly 200 dining options, more than 70 unique shops, and a variety of distinctive events throughout the year, you’ll quickly “sense our Real American Style” in the welcoming smiles that await you!

We’ve got the jobs you’re looking for. Exciting jobs. Jobs that will push you, challenge you, and give you the opportunities to grow. Our innovative companies value Real American Skill, so are you ready to explore new opportunities?

When it comes to a plan, you need vision, and in our region, we’ve got a vision for what the future can be. Through robust incentives and unparalleled opportunity for investments, we’re closing the gap between potential and prosperity and defining what Real American Possibility means.

We’re a maker community. We invent, we build, and we turn ideas into reality. Our students do amazing things, and with local post-graduate colleges, universities, and career centers, they’re finding jobs right here! When it comes to quality of life, education, and cutting-edge healthcare the Greater Lima Region has it all! Come and discover for yourself our Real American Heart!

Our history is defined by our endurance. The first locomotive. The largest oil field in the country for a decade. The longest standing military tank plant in the U.S. The brave men and women of our community who have served our country and secured our freedom. The farmers who grow our nation’s food source with their bare hands. Our Real American Roots run deep, and we aim to keep those traditions alive.